The Tekumel Special Collection

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Welcome to the Tekumel wing of the Museum. This is where we showcase a series of role playing games all specifically designed for Professor M.A.R. Barker's world of Tekumel.

We display these games separately because they are all devoted to the same setting, even though there are significant differences in game format and design. Here in the Tekumel special collection, the games can be reviewed in context and more easily compared to each other.

Why so much attention to one setting? Because the fans are more devoted to the setting than to the specific games. Tekumel fans discuss game rules mainly in terms of how well they simulate the setting. In fact, besides the four commercially published RPGs, there are a host of alternate rules sets available, ranging from the fan-published Tirikelu to the modifications of other commercial rules systems, such as D&D.

Such fan dedication to the setting over the game is rare, but not unique: Greg Stafford's Glorantha (see our review of Runequest) is another example, and Skyrealm's Jorune is yet another, despite the fact that there have been no rules officially published for Jorune since 1992. What these settings appear to have in common is great depth, complexity, and a sense that these are living, breathing worlds with elaborate histories. Role playing offers us an opportunity to observe, interact, and possibly participate in great events there.

Should readers wish to know more about Tekumel, http://www.tekumel.com/ is the closest there is to an official website. We encourage you to visit when you have the chance. In the meanwhile, take a stroll through a truly different role playing experience.

Information about the setting
Wizard looking in globe

Empire of the Petal Throne

Cover EPT Boxed Set
Swords & Glory
(1983, 1984)
Cover S&G PHB Box Set
Adventures on Tekumel/Gardasiyal
(1992, 1993, 1994)
Cover, Gardasiyal boxed set
Additional Tekumel materials Legions of the Petal Throne

We note with great sadness the passing of professor M.A.R. Barker on March 16, 2012, aged 83.

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