Companion Jorune: Ardoth

Copyright 1986, Skyrealms Publishing, Inc.
First Printing August 1987

Written by: Andrew Leker, Mark Wallace, David Ackerman
Contributing Authors: Amy Leker, Ken Felder, Andy Gore, Elizabeth From
Illustration and Cover Art: Miles Teves
Maps and Graphics: Elizabeth From, David Ackerman

Thumbnail cover of Ardoth

8 3/8" x 11" saddle-stapled softcover book, 44 pages.

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Ardoth is a logical center for Jorune campaigns. It is not only the most prominent city of the nation of Burdoth, it is also the center for the default Jorune scenario: seeking Burdothian citizenship through the tauther process. As one of the largest and most powerful cities on Jorune, as well as the place most player characters will likely spend time, a detailed guide is almost a necessity. The second edition rules had next to no information on Ardoth, while the third edition had a brief description of the major neighborhoods, enough to get one's game going. The Companion Jorune: Ardoth supplement was therefore a near necessity for the second edition, and a very useful book for the third.

The supplement includes maps, a history of the city, basic information such as the calendar (and the orbital periods of Jorune's seven moons), basic weather patterns around the city, and detailed descriptions of each neighborhood, including prominent sights, and the basic "feel" of the area. The book offers two detailed city maps. The first shows the neighborhoods, and is essentially the same as the one that was provided in the third edition. The second is more of a street map, showing the largest roads and the names of the major avenues.

The book's third chapter details some of the prominent institutions of Ardoth. One can learn about the officers and agencies of the dharsage. We also learn about lower political functions: the mayor (chell), the neighborhood councils (kims), and the police (yords). We have a paragraph on the Ardothian council, the multi-national body that helps maintain the Klein-Khodre alliance binding the various nations together to help reduce war (and restrain Burdothian power). We learn of military arrangements, including the Ardoth Guard and the militia. There is a brief essay on how the tauther process (the citizenship process) works for most non-player characters, and some very interesting information on the kerning bays, which are where muadra practice and learn their dyshas.

The next to last chapter provides broad background for the area and the game. We learn of some of the conflicts around the Klein-Khodre accord: the Dharsage's distrust of the thriddle, the council's distrust of the Dharsage because of his shirm-eh trade with the ramian (that truculent race needs the herb for proper healing), the recent ramian invasion of Burdoth, and the Warp Flash of 3475, when Ardoth's immunity from warps abruptly failed. The chapter closes with a discussion of religious practices on Jorune, and a few earth tec goodies.

The final chapter was only two pages, providing a series of tables to randomly generate specific encounters with officials, and two columns of simple adventure seeds to be found around the city.

There's a lot of information in this package, and while the third edition provides the basics, we would recommend this book for any serious Jorune fan.

May 26, 2007

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