Companion Jorune: Burdoth

Copyright 1986, Skyrealms Publishing, Inc.
First Printing July 1986

Written by: Andrew Leker
Contributing Authors: Mark Wallace, David Ackerman
Art: Miles Teves and David Ackerman

Companion Burdoth Cover

8 3/8" x 11" saddle-stapled softcover book, 60 pages.

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Burdoth is the largest and most powerful human state on Jorune, knit together out of a collection of human city states. This means the region consists of a number of ethnically and culturally diverse regions, with many cities, towns, and villages. The purpose of this book was to provide background and detail for the second edition, which had only cursory information on any specific regions of the world. The third edition included enough information on Burdoth to give a sholari some basic facts, but there was only one paragraph for each province, and Companion Jorune: Burdoth had more detailed information.

The supplement gave brief descriptions of all of the provinces and cities of Burdoth. It included snippets of data on history, climate, and economic production and trade for each province. The book included a two-part essay on the Energy Weapons War between Prince Khodre Allonkarb, father of the current dharsage, and all of his neighbors. The book ended with a description of the Burdothian military, including organization, weapons, tactics, and peacetime military life.

The book was illustrated with maps and duplications of art found in the boxed set.

Difficult to find, this would be a valuable item for any serious Jorune fan.

May 29, 2007

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