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I haven't given up on Jorune, and I've written some scenarios that are good introductions to the world. Download them here.


As noted in the reviews, I don't use the actual Jorune rules these days. Here is my adaptation of Atlas Games's Over the Edge for Jorune, a rule set I call JOTE. There's an HTML link for viewing, and the .pdf file for download. (The .pdf is newer, with minor editing changes.)

JOTE (HTML version, for on-screen display)
JOTE (.pdf version, for printing)



The first Jorune adventure I wrote was both an introduction to the world and an examination of race relations between Burdoth and the crugar. It had a very "Western" feel to it, and I still think it is my best "pure Jorune" game, as well as the only one thus far to use the tauther process as a part of the scenario. See what you think! Finding Favor (.pdf version).

The Trouble with Thriddle is the third Jorune adventure I've written. It features thriddle and lost lamorri artifacts. Like all of my adventures, one doesn't need to understand Jorune to play it, but it should be good, clean fun for experienced parties as well. It uses JOTE rules. The Trouble with Thriddle (.pdf version).


August 14, 2007

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