The Innocents of Gauss

Copyright 1993, Chessex, Inc.

Written by: Mark Frein
Art: George Barr and Pam Richardson

Innocents of Gauss Thumb

8 1/2 " x 11" saddle-stapled booklet, 32 pages, with separate cardstock cover.

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The Innocents of Gauss is a fairly simple adventure module created as an introduction to the world of Jorune. It can do this, as it details a small farming village or plantation that can be used as a base camp or point of origin for characters, and the adventure tries to keep the background fairly simple, with the characters relatively isolated at the frontier. The scenario intentionally limits the use of isho (none of the pre-generated characters are isho-handlers), although players will encounter Earth-Tec and possibly recos. The adventure itself is very simple and linear: if players don't find the clue and follow it up, they cannot complete their mission. On the other hand, once players reach the important encounters, their actions do make a real difference in the adventure's outcome. Bad choices will probably lead to bad results.

The illustrations aren't up to Miles Teves's quality, but they are sufficient. We found Mr. Barr's art captured the feel of Jorune, although his humans tended to be unrealistically thin. We did not like the character portraits on the character sheets, as they tend to be heavy-browed, with dark shaded eyes so that everybody appears to be gothic, sinister, or partial to heavy eye makeup.

We have not played this scenario, and find it somewhat simplistic for a sophisticated gaming group. On the other hand, there are so few Jorune adventures available, even informally, that this one might be upgraded and used as the beginning of a campaign, or as a short side adventure.

June 3, 2007

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