The Jorune Special Collection

Jorune is one of our favorite game settings. We like this game because of the clever integration of science fiction and fantasy elements, the imaginative sweep of the setting, and the magnificent artwork that brings an alien world to life. While the game still has a few dedicated fans out there, it never acheived a large fan base. Nor is it likely to ever do so, as the last officially published material came out in 1994.

The game went through three editions. The first edition is all but impossible to find, and museum staff have never seen a copy. The second edition was a handsome boxed set of three books plus an adventure module published in 1985, and the third edition was a single volume book, published in 1992. There was a scattering of supplemental material, some of it extremely rare.

While Jorune was the sole offering of a small company (Skyrealms Publishing), it is likely that many gamers of the time had at least heard of the game, thanks to eye-popping advertisements such as this one from Dragon magazine, the most popular gaming resource of the day. This advertisement showcases the important features of the game: the detailed alien cultures, the exotic beings that inhabit the world, and the sense that Jorune is home to many creatures trying to live "normal," unadventuresome lives, putting the players' characters into sharp relief.

The third edition rules were sold through Chessex games and according to sporadic reports (as of this writing) they still have Jorune materials for sale, although one must be persistent to find a representative who knows anything about them. We believe Jorune was simply too unusual for most gamers to accept. It's a pity.

There are a number of fan websites out there, providing materials and some support. We recommend Joe Adam's excellent Skyrealms of Jorune site, http://www.jorune.org/index.html, as a good starting point.

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Our Jorune collection

Rules, Rules Supplements, Scenarios
Skyrealms of Jorune, 2nd Edition
2nd edition rules
Companion Jorune: Burdoth
Companion Burdoth

Skyrealms of Jorune, 3rd Edition

3rd edition rules

Companion Jorune: Ardoth

Companion Ardoth
The Sholari Pack
Sholari Pack
The Sobayid Atlas
Sobayid Atlas
The Innocents of Gauss
Innocents of Gauss
The Gire of Sillipus
Gire of Sillipus
Alien Logic (computer game)
Alien Logic
Gomo Guide to Thoneport
    Additional Materials
Sholari #3

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Jorune is an acquired taste. We hope you'll take the time to browse our collection, and familiarize yourself with this fantastic place. Join our expedition across the Ayns mountains into the Gauss valley, legendary home of the iscin races...

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