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Professional Magazines

In the 1980s, White Wolf used to publish a general interest RPG magazine. (For more information on the magazine itself, try this site: While it never was a serious competitor to Dragon or White Dwarf, it was a reasonably good gaming resource. For about five years, the Lekers and their friends had a regular column called "Segment Jorune." The Museum is in possession of a number of these issues, and all of the Segment Jorune columns are currently (as of this writing) available on-line through Joe Adam's wonderful Jorune webpage ( To reach the White Wolf articles directly, go to

We list here only the issues of White Wolf we have in our possession. Notice that some issues have no publication date.

White Wolf #8
#8 (Dec/Jan 1987)

Essays on Jorune, by Andrew Leker. A basic introduction to the world and game.

Insects of Jorune, by Stephan Wieck. Ten different insect species.

White Wolf #11
#11 (No date)

A Caji's Day of Danger, by Andrew Leker. A short fiction piece.

Isho: Hints for Sholaris, by Andrew Leker. Background information on isho for the sholari.

Background on Iscin, by Amy Leker. Part one of a series of histories.

Food on Jorune, by Andrew Leker.

Theebur K'mono's Bright Idea. A Jorune mini-campaign by Andrew Leker and Mark Wallace.

Beagre and Beyond, by Amy Leker. Notes on tarro.

Scraggers. A minor piece of errata on the proper price for shanthic blades.

White Wolf #12
#12 (No date)

A brief introduction and history of the world, a short note on the control of Earth-Tec.

Interview with Thorne, by Mark Wallace and Amy Leker. Greg Thorne was the president of the company responsible for developing weapons for the Jorune colonists.

What the Captain said about Crugar, by Mark Wallace. The captain tells his soldiers how to best fight the crugar.

Perfect for Any Encounter: Some Humans, Muadra, and Boccord, by Andrew Leker. Some NPCs.

White Wolf #13
#13 (Dec, 1988).

Gauss the Leader/Gauss and Maytrish, by Amy Leker. Part two of the history and mythology of Jorune.

Forum Jorune. A Q/A column.

White Wolf #14
#14 (Feb, 1989).

Helping the Game Master Plunge Players into Jorune.

Kantiss, by Geoff Gray. A sea creature.

Summary and More Later. A partial glossary.

White Wolf #15
#15 (Apr/May, 1989).

Characteristics of Creatures. An explanation of character ability scores.

To Rescue a Scarmis, by Geoff Gray. A short scenario about thwarting a plan to evict scarmis from Ardoth.

White Wolf #16
#16 (Jun/Jul, 1989).
The Fallen Crystal Ship, by Geoff Gray. A scenario to locate a lost Jaspian Crystal Ship.



Three fanzines for Jorune were published. The first, Sarceen's Knowledge, published by Alex Blair, is legendary among fans, mainly because it is impossible to obtain, despite years of efforts by Joe Adams and others to obtain permission to distribute the material more widely.

Sholari was edited and published by Joe Adams (going by the name Joseph Coleman at the time), and had a run of three issues. These were excellent fanzines, with meaty, informative articles and new Jorune information. Each issue was full of excellent material and art of varied quality. Every issue included a review of at least one Jorune book, detailed setting material on some area of Jorune, and two regular sections. Jorune and a half was an extensive section that included details on existing material or tips to include in one's game, while the inside back cover was a humor piece called Jaroon. We note that while Joe never managed to publish the zine as frequently as he promised, he generally delivered the articles he promised for the next zine. These zines and their articles are available online at Joe Adam's Jorune website (, and they're still worth reading.

Sholari #1

Sholari #1 back

Sholari #1, Fall 1993. 7 x 8 1/2" booklet, 36 pages including the cover, saddle stapled. The cover is a full wrap around, with art on both sides, and the contents on the rear cover.

Reviews. Innocents of Gauss and the Sholari Pack.

Article. Andrew Leker's recollections of how the game was developed.

Setting. The islands of Zannir, an archipelago only accessible via warp.

Jorune and a half. The Ca-Du shantha (and their martial art, Ebidu). Tables to generate random characters, including new occupational templates. Crystal firearms. Quick NPCs. Corastin naming traditions.

Jaroon. Ima Hunki Fadri Addresses the Recruits (a cartoon about the thriddle military).


Sholari #2

Sholari #2 back

Sholari #2, August 1994. 7 x 8 1/2" booklet, 32 pages including the cover, saddle stapled.

Review. The Sobayid Atlas.

Articles. The second half of Andrew Leker's recollections. A wonderful article (with illustrations) on Burdothian coinage, reprinted from Sarceen's Knowledge. An art gallery with contributions from Dennis Detwiller (!), Paul Alan Parker, Christopher Lackey, and Joe Coleman.

Adventures. The Art Lovers (a brief game involving a theft), and The Somar (a long scenario involving remains of the lamorri).

Setting. The Danstead Society Guide to Gralis. A map and key of Gralis, a city in South Khodre.

Jorune and a half. The Crystal Tarro, an inclep in Ardoth, and a list of Joruni names.

Jaroon. The Gufi Dyshas, dyshas of the eighth moon. (Whoopee Cushion dysha?)


Sholari #3

Sholari #3 back

Sholari #3, Summer 1995. 8 1/2 x 11" booklet, 40 pages including the cover, saddle stapled.

Review. The Gire of Sillipus.

Article. Report from Team Heridoth. Extensive material drawn from a non-canonical PBEM game set in Heridoth, sholaried by Mike Tittenor.

Adventure. Slam Desti, Boy Yord. A lengthy adventure set in the Sobay.

Setting. The Danstead Guide to York, including map, key, points of interest, and history.

Jorune and a half. Additional Occupation Classes. Shanthic Skills and Structures. Ramian Social Structure.

Jaroon. Jack Ho Trid – The Terror of Heridoth. ("Stand, and furthermore, deliver!")


Borkelby's Folly was published by Ray Gilham. Where the articles in Joe Adam's Sholari freqeuntly read and looked like professional supplemental materials, Borkelby's Folly was clearly a fanzine. The editor infused his zine with a wry sense of humor and he took pains to make sections of his zine a conversation among himself and his readers. The first issue was produced on a dot matrix printer, but later issues had better quality print. Art was largely photocopied from the original products, supplemented by some original work in issue #2 by Dominic Green and Ray himself. The stand out articles in these zines were Ray's lengthy essays examining the socio-political structures of Burdoth. Like Sholari, the contents of these zines are available online at Joe Adam's site.

BF 1

Borkelby's Folly #1, Summer 1995. 8 1/4 x 11 11/16" booklet, 26 pages, stapled.

Introduction to Jorune
Politics of Burdoth part One (Discussion of the drenn/tauther system)
Kesler: A North Khodren Mining Town (Mini-campaign in North Khodre)
The Weaponsmith (A new occupation)
Notes & Querrids (Discussions with the readers)
Jorune News and Products Listing


BF 2

Borkelby's Folly #2, Autumn 1995. 8 1/4 x 11 11/16" booklet, 40 pages, stapled.

The Editorial Warbling of the Dhar Corundon (A variety of short topics)
Tales From Tan Iricid (Jorune news)
Jorune Reviews (The Sobyaid Atlas and Sholari #3)
Lost in Space: A Guide to Jorune for New Players (A three page handout)
Desperately Seeking Segments (Ray wanted to get the Segment Jorune articles)
They Shoot Thombos, Don't They? (Notes on thombos and ways to individualize them)
Generation X (Rationalizing character generation and reducing 3rd edition character power)
The Politics of Burdoth, Part II: Klades (A detailed examination of how klades might work)
Eebo Leem's Annual Address (A resident of Klade Bay defends his neighborhood reputation)
New Occupations (Yordeh [lawyer] and Mayoois [professional gambler])
The Country Diary of a Mearden Lady (Three new creatures)
Butcher, Baker, Raw Crystal Shaper (Random tables to create town and city businesses)
It's Not a Matter of Life and Death (A scenario—the party referees a sporting event.)
Pass the Giggit Pipe (Letters page)
Notes & Querrids (Discussions with the readers)
Magazine Reviews (Reviews of a number of non-Jorune rpg fanzines)


BF 3

Borkelby's Folly #3, Spring 1996. 8 1/4 x 11 11/16" booklet, 46 pages, stapled.

Editorial Warbling of the Dhar Corundon (A variety of short topics)
Tales from Tan Iricid (Jorune news)
Helping the Game Master Plunge Players into Jorune (Segment Jorune reprint)
Dædal Visions: A Comparative Review of Tekumel and Jorune (by Paul Mason)
Dædal Double Visions: Or, Now Just Hold on a Minute (Ray Gilham's rebuttal)
Running Scared (An adventure by Alex Blair about dealing with a ruthless merchant)
Human Religion on Jorune (Presenting alternatives to the traditional Jorune religions)
The Politics of Burdoth, Part III: The Chell, The Dharsage, His Wife, and Their Cousins
Pass the Giggit Pipe (Letters page)
Magazine Reviews (Reviews of Arcane Magazine and tHE bIG pICTURE)



Note from the curator

Disclaimer: I had a lengthy correspondence with Ray Gilham, and contributed an article and a number of comments to BF#3, and I submitted a Jaroon piece for Sholari #4. While I feel my own piece didn't age well, largely because I did not have enough information about Jorune when I wrote it, all of the zines are still worth reading. I'm pleased that they're available online.


June 3, 2007

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