The Sholari Pack

Copyright 1993, Chessex, Inc.

Joseph Steven Coleman, Andrew Lecker, David Ackerman, Richard Eide, Janice Sellers, Stephan Wieck
Art: Miles Teves, David Ackerman, George Barr, Janet Aulisio Dannheiser, Alan Okamoto

Sholari Pack Cover

Sholari Screen. 8 1/2 " x 11 1/2 " three panel cardstock folder.

The Sholari's Companion. 8 1/2" x 11" saddle stapled, 80 pages.

Voyage of the Aylon Star. 8 1/2" x 11" saddle stapled, 32 pages.

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The Sholari Pack was a bundled set of three products. The outer cover was a sholari (referee) screen, and inside were two booklets: The Sholari's Companion, which was errata and additional material for the third edition rules, and Voyage of the Aylon Star, an adventure module.

Sholari screen

The screen was a three panel cardstock screen folded around the two booklets in the package. The cover of the package was also the cover the screen itself, a color illustration of a scene from the Voyage of the Aylon Star adventure, nicely drawn by George Barr. While it did a good job of showing an action scene from the adventure, it wasn't exactly the most eye-catching showcase for Jorune as a whole, but given the circumstances of packaging, it probably was a wise choice.

The sholari side of the screen included all of the tables needed to resolve third edition combat. The player side of the screen included a few tables that would be handy to the sholari as well, including a summary of the dyshas and their effects, a listing of weapons and their attack and defense bonuses, the hit location table, and so on. Using this table, the sholari could ask players to read modifiers to her from their side of the table, copy those tables to keep in front of her, or just plan on looking them up in the book.

The sholari screen was a nice bonus to the package.


The Sholari's Companion

This booklet was a must for the third edition player, as it held the published errata and some clarifying explanations for the rules. There were also new skills, some of them implied but not presented in the rules, and a handy player aid listing all the skills granted at character generation by character occupation in a single table. A few new and optional rules were presented, and there was a comprehensive index for the third edition.

New background material was also welcome. There was a detailed history of Jorune presented as a timeline, from before the arrival of the humans until the present day of the game. A game calendar, with moon cycles, was provided, along with a new character sheet and detailed glossaries of Entren terms used in the game, one used for players, and another with more detail for sholaris. A more detailed buying list was presented, and there was also a gazetteer with information drawn from the Companion Jorune supplements. The Companion is loaded with useful summary tables from the third edition, and concluded with a "choose your path" solo adventure.


Voyage of the Aylon Star

To some degree, all of the published Jorune adventures were sourcebooks as well as adventures, but none were as much a sourcebook as this adventure. More than half of the book was pure background, detailing the nation of Jasp, including the history of the area, a lightly detailed map of the city of Old Aylon, details on the crystal schooners that the Jaspians use to sail the isho currents of the air, and a one page description of the pampas terrain of the northern Temauntro. Additional goodies included two pages of tables to randomly generate skyrealms, instructions on how to play the common Jorune gambling game of Mayoo, and a one page description of the artifacts that may have been left behind by the various intelligent cultures that dominated Jorune in the past. The book also disclosed some valuable secrets about the background of Jorune which most sholari would be very glad to find out about. The illustrations by George Barrr and Alan Okamoto were excellent as well.

The adventure itself was very brief and open-ended. The players book a voyage aboard the Aylon Star crystal schooner. A number of adventure hooks present themselves on the schooner, and players may choose to involve themselves in one or more of them. That's about the extent of the adventure; whatever hook the players choose to pursue, it's up to the sholari to decide how to go on from there.


If you had the third edition of Jorune, this package was a critical upgrade. Even owners of the second edition would find everything extremely useful, even if they had no interest in the nation of Jasp or plans to run the Aylon Star adventure.

July 4, 2007

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